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    Official Fivem Rules

    Updated 11/13/2021
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    Official Fivem Rules

    Updated 9/27/21
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    Official Fivem Rules

    Updated 9/24/2021
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    Official Fivem Rules

    Updated 9/7/21
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    Nice car

    Nice car
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    RP Guidelines

    Guidelines (If you continue to disregard these, may lead to a ban) Characters When creating a character you are not just putting a name on a model. Please consider the following: What are your personality traits? Are you shy or confident? Are you hard working or lazy? Give your character...
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    How to Clear Your FiveM Cache

    Clearing your fivem Cache is a quick and easy way to HELP issues with loading and stability within FiveM. Step 1) Locate your FiveM Directory. right Click your FiveM Desktop Icon and Select "Open File Location" Step 2) Open FiveM Appliaction Data folder Step 3) Open Cache folder...
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    Official Fivem Rules

    Roleplay Rules (One instance of this may lead to a ban, at staff discretion) General Server Rules: Being toxic in any way, shape or form can have you removed from the community, if you have an issue please address it properly, not in ways that create drama or breed negativity. If you want to...